Dr. Bougiatioti Aikaterini

Senior Researcher at Dr. Bougiatioti holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (2009) and a degree in Chemistry from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2003). She has worked as a Research Fellow at the School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences of the Georgia Institute of Technology (2013-2014) and at the Laser Remote Sensing Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens (2014-2015). Her area of interest and expertise is aerosol size distribution and chemical composition, aerosol-cloud-climate interactions through studying cloud condensation nuclei and cloud droplet formation, source apportionment of atmospheric particulate matter and its health impact through the formation of reactive oxygen species, etc. She has participated in a large number of studies on aerosol chemistry and physics and has numerous publications on these subjects. She was recruited at the National Observatory of Athens in 2018. She has participated in 8 International Research Projects and has received 3 Competitive Research Grants by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, the State Scholarships Foundation and the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation. She has co-authored 52 scientific publication in international refereed journals.