Dr. Assimakopoulos Vassiliki

Dr. Vasiliki Assimakopoulos, is a Civil and Environmental Engineer (MEng. 1997) with a PhD in Urban Air Quality and Environmental Modelling (2001, Imperial College, University of London, UK). Her research is focused on the following subjects:  1) Development of anthropogenic and biogenic emission inventory at national and local level (Subnational / City Scale). 2) Application of photochemical modeling system over urban, national and regional areas for the study of physicochemical processes and for the evaluation of parameters that determine air quality. 3) Experimental study of the quality of the environment indoors and outdoors in urban areas 4) Experimental study of the wind flow and pollutant dispersion characteristics in scaled city models using specialized and state of the art equipment 5) Application of micro-scale models for the study of the characteristics of dispersion of pollutants emitted in the urban environment. 6) Experimental study of total personal exposure to pollutants in urban environments 7) Promotion of practices for environmental protection, health and climate change mitigation to the public and stakeholders. She has worked in more than 25 national and European research projects as a coordinator or experienced researcher. She has published more than 100 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Her work has received more than 1400 hetero-citations (h-index: 16).