Dr. Lagouvardos Kostas

Research Director at NOA, born in 1964, has a PhD in Dynamic Meteorology (University PARIS 6, 1992). He has acted as a Research Associate in the CETP/CNRS (Centre d’├σtude des Environnements Terrestre et Plan├σtaires) Paris, France during the period 1992-1993, in the Lab. of Meteorology of the Athens University (Physics Dept) during the period 1993-1998, at the National Observatory of Athens during the period 1999-2002. Since 2002 he joined the National Observatory of Athens. He has authored or co-authored more than 84 papers published in international journals in the fields of dynamic meteorology, mesoscale modelling and study of severe weather events in the Mediterranean and radar meteorology. He has worked extensively with a number of meteorological models (BOLAM, MM5, WRF, RAMS) and has participated in many European and National Research Programs as principal investigator. He has founded and coordinates a network of automated surface meteorological stations in Greece (250 stations in late 2013).