Dr. Kazadzis Stylianos

Studied Physics at the Physics Dept. of the Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki and received his degree in 1994. Had his M.Sc. at the field of Environmental Physics in 1996 at the same department and commenced with his Ph.D. Thesis in the field of Atmospheric solar radiation Advances and applications of solar UV spectroradiometric measurements obtaining his diploma in 2000. Worked as Post Doctoral fellow at the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics (2001-2008) working in various EU projects (SUVDAMA, EDUCE, ADMIRA, INSPECTRO, QASUME, SCOUT, e.t.c.) and was involved with solar radiation, aerosol measurement and satellite research. Also, he worked at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, (Climate Change Unit), Finland (2008-2009) as a Marie Curie post-doc IEF Fellow on Satellite measurements of UV radiation and aerosol optical properties and employed at the National Observatory of Athens in 2009 as Associate Researcher. He has published more than 60 articles as a first author or co-author in peer reviewed journals and more than 80 articles in conference proceedings. He has received the Greek State post doctoral fellowship (2002), the Aristotle University post-doc fellowship on aerosol research (2008) and two Marie Curie EU fellowships grants (IEF 2008-2009 and European Return Grant 2010-2013). Research Interests: Solar radiation measurements’ effects and applications, Research on aerosol optical properties, Stratospheric ozone research, Satellite remote sensing, Solar Energy Applications