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National Projects


National Hydrological and Meteorological DataBase (HYDROSCOPE).

Start: 23-9-1997
End: 31-12-1999

Total Bubget: 138,518 Euro

This project was part of the EU STRIDE programme and seeked to create a hydrometeorological database with data from all the meteorological institutions of Greece (universities, research institutes, organisations, civil services, etc.). The end product of the programme has been an operating system for the database that allowed to search for data through the Geographical Information System (GIS).

Scientist Responsible: Dr. M. Petrakis

Developing Infrastructure for Sampling Organic Compounds in the Framework of "Constructing and Operating a First-class Organic Compound Testing Laboratory".

Start: 17-12-1999
End: 17-2-2001

Total Budget: 293,470 Euro

Management Programme for Research and Technology (PRTB) II, Measure 3.1, Subprogramme 2.

This project aimed to upgrade NOA's atmospheric chemistry laboratory so that it will have the ability to sample and analyze specific pollutants in very low concentrations.

Scientist Responsible: Dr. A. Argyriou

Laboratory for Calibration of Meteorological Sensors.

Start: 24-10-1997
End: 28-2-1999

Total Budget: 58,694 Euro

Management Programme for Research and Technology (PRTB) II.

This project aimed to improve IERSD facilities for calibrating wind and temperature sensors and the in situ calibration of meteorological stations.

Scientist Responsible: Dr. A. Argyriou

Lexicological and Terminological Infrastructure: From the Data to the System (LEXIS).

Start: 26-11-1999
End: 31-3-2001

Total Budget: 10,000 Euro

Management Programme for Research and Technology (PRTB) II. Category A: Linguistic Techology. Coordinated by the Institute for Language Processing (ILP), with the IERSD as an associated body.

This project aimed to create linguistic resources for the Greek language and, specifically, to create:

  • A computerised dictionary of 60,000 entries dealing with morphology, grammar, and semantics.
  • Greek/English - English/Greek dictionaries of environmental terms and related scientific texts, and
  • A computer input system that uses linguistic technology.

The project's prime goal was to develop computerised dictionaries for the Greek language.

Scientist Responsible: Dr. D. Retalis

Evaluation of aluminium wall cladding on building facades (ELVAL).
(Hellenic Aluminium Industry S.A., Athens, Greece).

Start: 1-7-2001
End: 31-10-2002

Total Budget: 29,921 Euro

Preliminary evaluation of the potential energy conservation as a result of the use of aluminium wall cladding in existing and new buildings. Parametric investigation of Energy conservation as a result of aluminium wall cladding on building facades. Multimedia software & educational material. Project information is available in

Scientist Responsible: Dr. C. Balaras

Thermal Simulations & Building Energy Audits (JEPA)
(J.E. Papagrigorakis & Associates, Electrical - Mechanical Engineers - Consultants Athens, Greece).

Start: 25-5-2004
End: 25-5-2006

Total Budget: 15,200 Euro

Investigate prevailing indoor conditions and the potential for energy conservation in new office buildings, using TRNSYS thermal simulations. Audits and assessment of refurbishment actions in existing office buildings, short monitoring, data analysis for energy balance and assessment of energy conservation measures.

Scientist Responsible: Dr. C. Balaras







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