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Facilities - Infrastructure



Only few offices of the IERSD are still hosted in the historical buildings at Thissio site of NOA , located on the small hill of Nymphs, overlooking the Acropolis.


IERSD building in Thissio

IERSD building in Thissio


IERSD building in Penteli

IERSD building in Penteli


Since 2001, most IERSD offices have relocated to the new premises at Penteli mountain. The building is located on the small hill "Koufos", about 15km from the center of Athens.


Research Infrastructure

Within its premises, the IERSD has developed the following laboratory infrastructure:

Atmospheric Pollution Laboratory
This laboratory provides the necessary instrumentation and infrastructure for air pollution monitoring to aid the assessment of pollution episodes in urban and industrial areas. The Laboratory also serves as a link between the bodies using environmental instrumentation today, through the certification of modern instruments and the performance of studies at a national level.

Radiation Measurement Laboratory
It aims at upgrading the radiation measurement facilities of IERSD. Modern data acquisition units and instrumentation have been purchased and installed. These measurements are directly related to the climate change of the Athens area.

Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory
The basic goals of this Laboratory are the research and understanding of the fundamental chemical processes affecting the ozone layer and of the chemical and photochemical processes in the troposphere responsible for air pollution. These results will contribute to the understanding and assessment of pollution formation, in combination with weather related data. The Laboratory will also contribute to the understanding of the oxidation role and of the life cycle of the major, common or not, pollutants arising from human activities.

Calibration of Meteorological Instrumentation Laboratory
The reliability of weather measurements is directly linked to the regular maintenance and calibration of the related instrumentation. The laboratory (LMIC) is provided with a reference thermometer, barometer, lux meter, first class pyranometers and pyrheliometer (ISO 9060), temperature and humidity testing chamber, hot-wire anemometer, reference scale, hot-wire calibration, and a small size wind tunnel. The IERSD is the only establishment in Greece supplying secondary standard calibration certificates for pyranometers and pyrheliometers. More precisely it is able to calibrate sensors used in meteorological applications as well as in related fields like wind and solar energy, atmospheric physics, and building physics.



The above laboratories are equipped with:

  • Two complete first class meteorological stations (Thissio & Penteli sites)
  • Two complete actinometric stations (Thissio & Penteli sites)
  • A research class daylight station
  • An atmospheric electricity station
  • An atmospheric chemistry laboratory
  • A mobile atmospheric pollution measurement station (SO2, NOx, O3, CO, HC, PM10)
  • Dashibi Ozone meter
  • A DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption System) pollution monitoring station
  • Radiosonde and tethered balloon atmospheric profiling system
  • Portable instrumentation (infrared camera, portable temperature and relative humidity sensors and data loggers)
  • A mobile X-band dual polarisation Doppler weather radar
  • A state-of-the-art video disdrometer
  • A portable raingauge network
  • A network of five automatic raingauges, deployed currently over Crete
  • A network of six lightning detectors (ZEUS network: Denmark, UK, Portugal, Romania, Cyprus and Senegal) with a server for data collection and archiving at IERSD
  • A computing center with infrastructure for operational weather forecasting (a 14-CPU cluster of Linux-PC (Athlon 1800), an 11 Dual-CPU cluster of Linux-PC (Opteron 250) and a 4-CPU HP UNIX system for archiving of satellite data)
  • A multi-analyser of temperature and lighting
  • A combustion gas analyser
  • An experimental outdoor photovoltaic bench coupled with underground air-to-ground heat exchangers
  • A library with scientific journals and books



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