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Research Orientation

The IERSD paces emphasis on the following research fields:

  • Maintenance and quality control of its long time series of meteorological data (since 1860). The data, both raw and processed, are available for use both by the scientific and the technical community.
  • Solar radiation measurements and modelling. Solar energy applications for horizontal and inclined surfaces including PVs and Solar Atlases. Development of Meteorological Radiation Model (MRM).
  • Atmospheric research including atmospheric optics, atmospheric aerosols, atmospheric turbidity.
  • Experimental research on air quality and atmospheric chemistry using measuring stations and satellite data.
  • Experimental and theoretical research of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer, wind power, and intense weather phenomena (storms).
  • Synoptic and mesoscale atmospheric modeling for research purposes as well as for providing weather forecast services to different stakeholders.
  • Application of global climatic and atmospheric chemistry models, to study, among others, the large-scale mechanisms of pollution buildup and the effect of anthropogenic warming on extreme climatic events.
  • Building physics and energy conservation applied research, investigating ventilation, building materials, indoor air quality etc. Supporting the technical community through specialized publications, software, and consultant services.
  • Development of data bases for the estimation of greenhouse gases' emissions, along with methodological tools aiming at a better planning of energy and environmental policies against climatic change.
  • Addressing environmental management, planning and sustainable development issues, by introducing and using methodologies for the identification and assessment of possible environmental impact, as well as risk management, prevention and treatment.
  • Study of surface and underground hydrology, and the physicochemical processes affecting the fate of pollutants in an aqueous environment. Development of water resources management and protection methodologies, accounting for social, economical and legal/constitutional aspects.


Research Projects

The Institute works with universities and research centers both in Greece and abroad. Among the Institute's main research interests are air pollution, solar and wind energy, atmopsheric chemistry, energy conservation, atmospheric electricity and water quality and management. The Institute participates in a number of state and EU funded research programmes.

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A. European Research Projects
B. National Projects
C. Bilateral Research Projects
D. Other Joint Research Projects

International Cooperation and Participation in Networks

In the frame of the research projects presented in the previous section, the IERSD collaborates with numerous Institutions, Universities and companies nation-wide, as well as others in Europe and the rest of the world.
For certain projects, the IERSD was in charge of the coordination at European level e.g. Daylight II project within Joule II framework.

Finally, the IERSD has long been involved in the organization of scientific meetings in collaboration with important Research Centers and Educational Establishments in the country. The IERSD has been member of the European Topic Center on Air Quality (ETC/AQ), established by the European Environmental Agency (EEA), from 1994 till 2000.























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