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Bilateral Research Projects


Reference Lighting Conditions for the Design of Energy Conservation in Buildings.

Start: 12-10-1998
End: 11-10-2000

Total Bubget: 6,200 Euro

Greek-Slavic scientific and technical colaboration with GSRT funding the Greek side.

This project developed new standards for indoor space lighting, with a view to energy conservation. The programme's main targets:

  • Studies of the frequency of appearance of typical lighting conditions relative
    to direct solar light and diffuse light of the sky.
  • Determination of the correlation between sunshine hours and atmospheric opacity.
  • Frequency of occurance of sky types under prevailing conditions
    of haze and cloudiness.
  • The effect of city atmospheric pollution on lighting conditions.

Scientist Responsible: Dr. H. Kambezidis

Thermal and Thematic Cartography: The Relationship
between population, park areas and land use in Athens and Salonica.

Start: 15-10-1999
End: 14-10-2001

Total Budget: 12,473 Euro

Greek-German scientific and technical colaboration with GSRT funding the Greek side and International Office funding the German side.

The research team was headed by Dr. N. Sifakis of NOA's Institute for space applications and remote sensing (ISARS). The team consisted of 3 researchers and 1 postgraduate student. The German counterpart was the DLR (Institute of Fluid Mechanics), based in Wessling, Monacco.

The aim of the programme was to process and evaluate the surface reflection and transmission data that had not been processed to date. In this manner conclusions were drawn about the two cities with respect to hot/cold areas and temperature gradients along the most important fresh air paths in both cities.

Scientist Responsible: Dr. H. Kambezidis







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