Weather Services

Weather forecasting

Operational weather forecasting is presented to the public through the popular web page (in greek) as well as through the English web page provides 6-days weather forecasts for 500 cities across Greece, together with UV forecasts. Moreover, interactive map provides detailed wind and wave forecasts for the Greek Seas.

Solar Ultraviolet (UV) Index forecast for Greece

The UV index is an internationally defined expression of the risk of solar ultraviolet radiation to humans and the ecosystem. The calculation of the UV index forecast is presented daily from the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens. The methodology used includes a radiation transfer model with input parameters such as the solar zenith angle, cloud cover forecast, total column ozone forecasting (KNMI / ESA), the long-term climatology of aerosols from satellite measurements, ground albedo and altitude for each sub-region of the map below. Website: Information related with the effects of UV radiation on health (dermatological effects, melanomas, cataracts, vitamin D), effects on plants (photosynthetic capacity) and marine ecosystems are also provided.

Current Weather Information

The extensive network of almost 250 fully automated meteorological stations, established by IERSD all over Greece, offers to the public, in almost real-time (data refreshment every 10 min), information about prevailing meteorological conditions. Meteorological parameters that are presented are the following: Air temperature (ºC) and relative humidity (%), Atmospheric pressure (hPa), Wind speed (m/s or Km/h) and wind direction (deg.), Total precipitation (mm) (rainfall, snow, or hail). In selected meteorological stations, the incoming total solar radiation (W/m²) and ultra-violet (UV) radiation (W/m²), incident at a horizontal surface, are also provided to the public. Real-time measurements of the above meteorological parameters are widely available to the public through the following WEB links:, and All meteorological observations and measurements are automatically saved in the database for further statistical analysis.

Severe weather monitoring and nowcasting

The Weather Radar Group operates unique equipment for the in situ measurement and remote sensing of rainfall, which includes a mobile weather radar, a 2D video and a Parsivel disdrometer and a network of rain gauges with data loggers. The system can provide monitoring and nowcasting of localized severe weather events (intense rain and hail storms, tornadoes) for distances up to 100 km.

Lightning monitoring

IERSD operates since 2006 the ZEUS long-range lightning detection system with 6 sensors across Europe. Real-time data are provided through the link and over Greece through the interactive service

Researchers Involved
Dr. Kotroni VassilikiResearch Director

Dr. Kotroni Vassiliki
+30 210 8109126

Dr. Lagouvardos KostasResearch Director

Dr. Lagouvardos Kostas
+30 210 8109127

Dr. Psiloglou VassilisSenior Researcher

Dr. Psiloglou Vassilis
+30 210 8109133

Dr. Kalogiros JohnSenior Researcher

Dr. Kalogiros John
+30 210 3490082

Dr. Kazadzis StylianosSenior Researcher

Dr. Kazadzis Stylianos
+30 210 8109204

Staff Involved

Ms. Kopania Theodora
Dr. Papagiannaki Katerina
Mr. Kappos Nikos



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